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Conversations with industrial and systems engineers about their work, ideas and solutions. This podcast will feature both IISE members and non-members who come from diverse backgrounds in both academia and industry to discuss a wide range of topics as it relates to their work as well as some off-beat topics that we think you, our audience, will find fascinating.

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Latest Episodes

To boldly go: NASA's new frontiers in space

On March 25, 2022, IISE's Keith Albertson and David Brandt were able to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Kennedy Space Center in central Florida. We were able to visit...

Engineering Perfect Waves with Barry Stetter

Ever wanted to surf in your backyard? Wavegarden project manager Barry Stetter explains the technology necessary to engineer perfect waves across the world for all cla...

Young ISEs shift from college to careers

In this episode of "Problem Solved," guest host Casey Spansel talks to two recent industrial and systems engineering graduates about their transition from college into...

#AppliedErgo2022 Podcast Break - Nancy Currie-Gregg

Nancy Currie-Gregg, a former space shuttle astronaut and keynote speaker at #AppliedErgo2022, took a Podcast Break with "Problem Solved" during the 25th annual Applied...

#AppliedErgo2022 Podcast Break - Katrina Cookson

#AppliedErgo2022 attendee Katrina Cookson, an industrial hygienist with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, took a Podcast Break with "Problem Solves" to discuss space ergono...

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