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The Allure of Ergonomics with Bobbie Watts

She had her eyes on a career as an industrial engineer ... until a human factors class at Clemson University opened her eyes to the world of ergonomics. Bobbie Watts, Ph.D., CPE, the director of ergonomics for Michelin Americas, has more than 20 years of experience in industrial engineering, ergonomics and human factors. In this episode of "Problem Solved," Michael Hughes talks to Watts about her eclectic resume, what she advises as a mentor to students of all ages, and how networking has aided her in finding career opportunities for herself and others.

Engineering Mindfulness with Ashley Benedict

"Take one breath." That's the advice from Ashley Benedict, Ph.D. for anyone who wants to take the first step toward change. In 2019, she got a chance to participate in an eight-week mind-body class through her work at the VISN 8: VA Sunshine Healthcare Network, and it changed her perspective on how taking time to focus inward can impact the outward work. In this episode of "Problem Solved," Benedict describes her self-discovery journey, strategies for incorporating mindfulness into your daily work and life, and the joy you can experience on a seemingly average walk in Florida.

Behind the scenes of IISE media with Keith Albertson, Michael Hughes and David Brandt

IISE is marking its first 5,000 downloads with an episode that digs behind the scenes both "Problem Solved: The IISE Podcast" and ISE magazine. In this episode, David Brandt sits down with fellow IISE staff members Keith Albertson and Michael Hughes to discuss their shared professional backgrounds in journalism, their transition from newspapers to writing and reporting for IISE's communications department, the role members play in finding and developing news stories for ISE magazine, and their favorite episodes and highlights thus far from the podcast since its debut in May 2019.

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