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An IE's World On the Strings

When it comes to nontraditional industrial engineers, Cassandra Sotos plays all the right notes. Answering the call to music several years ago, the rock violinist and industrial engineer from Penn State talks to David Brandt about her personal development as a lifelong learner, the struggle of being pitted between a corporate career and her dreams and the satisfaction she's had since taking the leap. She also explains how the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't slowed her plans down. Listeners will also get to hear Sotos' voice and violin in her latest single, "Annie Oakley."

Building an Ergonomics Army

SPONSORED BY LSU ONLINE. Building an ergonomics army doesn’t require millions of dollars and tons of top-line management, says Davana Pilczuk, corporate ergonomist at Cintas. You can achieve exponential dividends in health, safety and ROI by engaging people who are passionate about helping others, giving them a bit of training and know-how, and letting them loose on problems that affect their daily work. And a lot of the best ideas can literally be pulled right out of the dumpster.

Innovating Personal Healthcare

SPONSORED BY LSU ONLINE. Tandice Urban, a keynote speaker at Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2022, talks with Valerie Boelman, Society for Health Systems board member, about how her own healthcare experience inspired her to create The Lanby, a members-only primary care service.

Engineering a Supply Chain to the Moon

SPONSORED BY LSU ONLINE. Shaun Butts, a systems engineer and Fleet Manager for the Gateway Logistics Services launch and space segment systems at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, discusses how to supply an outpost that will orbit the moon to support the Artemis lunar landing program, which is scheduled to launch in 2022. You can read more about Gateway and Artemis in the November issue of ISE magazine and follow mission updates on NASA’s social media sites.

3D Printing for a Better Smile

SPONSORED BY LSU ONLINE! SprintRay CEO Amir Mansouri and Director of Operations Kaz Takeda discuss disrupting the world of dentistry by putting 3D printers right in the dental office. Dental 3D printing has your crowns, nightguards and bridges ready on visit one, so you don’t have to return weeks later. The ISEs find joy in being part of disruption and by improving the lives of patients and dentists – one 3D printed smile at a time. As one dentist told Takeda, “Any dentist who isn’t on 3D printing in 5 years might as well go back to pliers."

The Global Pandemic: Supply Chain’s Finest Hour

SPONSORED BY LSU ONLINE! Yes, says Dr. Bublu Thakur-Weigold, COVID-19 caused major disruptions to global supply chains. But the director of programs at ETH Zurich maintains that manufacturers and supply chain managers heroically responded to massive, overnight changes in supply and demand. Considering the shock supply chains underwent, she says they demonstrated resilience by reconfiguring quickly, finding alternatives and making sure stockouts were temporary – the hallmark of Lean and just-in-time manufacturing.

#Lean6Data2021 Podcast Break - Dr. Tres Bishop

Like many conference attendees, Dr. Tres Bishop from Kaman Aerospace in Jacksonville, Fla., has tried to learn proper greetings in this pandemic era. But he's navigated well at the Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021 at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta. Dr. Bishop also discusses his conference presentation, "Are LSS critical success and failure factors two sides of the same coin?"

#Lean6Data2021 Podcast Break - Melissa Rosado

Melissa Rosado, an industrial engineer originally from Puerto Rico with a graduate degree in data science, said she appreciates being back among people "safely" during the Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021 at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta. Melissa also said she was eager to see what was new at the crossroads of industrial engineering and data science in industry and academia.

#Lean6Data2021 Podcast Break - Josette Cole-Pinnix

Josette Cole-Pinnix, a data analyst with OpsVeda Inc., took a few minutes to chat with "Problem Solved" about her joy for returning to her first live conference since the start of the pandemic – the Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021. She was excited to re-engage with in-person networking and the new motivation driven by intriguing sessions. She also addresses her love for coding (a topic that came up during Dr. Pyrcz's keynote on Tuesday) and the pride found in ISEs being "able to do it all."

#Lean6Data2021 Podcast Break - Katie Grzyb

While attending the Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021, Katie Grzyb took a break between sessions to talk about her conference experience with "Problem Solved." Katie, who works at Michigan Medicine in Northville, Mich., gave her own presentation on "Continuous Improvement Team Adding Value Through Support During a Global Pandemic," which she summarizes in this bonus episode.

#Lean6Data2021 Podcast Break - Nick Comeau

During the Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021, Nick Comeau from Commonwealth Medicine took a couple of minutes to talk about his first live conference experience since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nick presented at the conference as well in a session called "Plan, Vaccinate, Study, Act (PVSA): An iterative approach to fighting COVID-19," which he explains in this bonus episode of "Problem Solved."

LSU student helps track medical equipment at Louisiana hospital

In this episode of "Problem Solved," we explore how an LSU student aided in the tracking of CPAP and BiPAP machines with industrial engineering student Nandhaguru “Guru” Durai and industrial engineer Milad Amini at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in a discussion with IISE member and LSU alum Casey Spansel.

#Lean6Data2021 keynote speaker Michael J. Pyrcz

In part 3 of our season premiere, IISE's James Swisher discusses the surprising career inspiration for Michael J. Pyrcz, associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Pyrcz, one of the keynote speakers for the Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021, talks about his path overcoming adversity to become an engineer, inspiring others to "catch fire" and be their best and the need for products to demonstrate mastery in data analytics and machine learning.

#Lean6Data2021 keynote speaker Morgan Smith

In part 2 of our season premiere, IISE's James Swisher chats with Morgan Smith, the retired president and CEO of Consolidated Nuclear Security LLC and one of the keynote speakers for the Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021. Smith talks about his path to becoming an engineer in the nuclear industry, the importance of systems thinking in operational excellence and the value of building trust in data.

#Lean6Data2021 keynote speaker Joyce Siegele

Our third season begins here! In part one of our triple hit premiere, IISE’s Director of Continuing Education James Swisher chats with Joyce Siegele, director of productivity management at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. Siegele is one of the keynote speakers for the Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021. On this podcast, she discusses the role of external and internal data integration to understand the impact of Covid-19 on healthcare organizations, the logistics of managing vaccination clinics and how healthcare organizations share best practices.

Graduate Finances with Kevin Drevik

In May 2011, Industrial Engineer magazine (now ISE magazine) published an article by Kevin Drevik headlined as "Graduate Finances," which offered a number of suggestions to recent college graduates concerned about the launch of their careers soon after the Great Recession. Ten years later, the author joins IISE's David Brandt to revisit those concepts and discuss what young engineers need to know as they start their careers and begin learning how to navigate adult responsibilities.

Mindset with Aaron Kanne

In this episode of "Problem Solved," IISE's David Brandt chats with returning guest Aaron Kanne of Care Logistics (Atlanta) about a presentation on mindset Kanne gave during the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference in February 2021. The topic was inspired by the bestselling book "Mindset" by Dr. Carol S. Dweck. Kanne specifically discusses the traits of a "fixed mindset" and a "growth mindset" as well as the value of the latter in education, parenting and career development. He also underscores how the development of a growth mindset has helped many steadily navigate life as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Play ball, learn STEM through Science of Sport

Ricardo Valerdi, an industrial engineering professor at the University of Arizona and a columnist for ISE magazine, is founder and chief scientist for Science of Sport, a nonprofit educational foundation. He discusses how the organization has partnered with college and professional leagues and teams to promote STEM lessons through sports, and managed to keep students engaged during the pandemic by offering virtual programs.

Engineers and Entrepreneurship

In this episode, IISE's David Brandt discusses all things entrepreneurship with Proplanner founder and president Dave Sly, who is also the director of entrepreneurship in the College of Engineering at Iowa State University and leads the new Engineering Entrepreneurship Initiative. Sly recounts his own entrepreneurial path from past to present, explains the difference between entrepreneurs and "intrapreneurs" and confirms why validation is the first step for anyone charting their own business path.

Panel: IISE's Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021

In this bonus episode of "Problem Solved," IISE's James Swisher moderates a panel discussion with past award winners and presenters who will be attending this fall's IISE Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2021, taking place Sept. 20-22 in Atlanta. The panel discusses the secrets to submitting high quality presentation abstracts, the additional focus at the conference on data science and their excitement for attending their first live conference (fingers crossed) since before the COVID-19 pandemic. This all-star panel features the 2021 conference chair Elizabeth Gentry from the University of Louisville, Johanna Ficatier from Mayo Clinic, Hungda Wan from the University of Texas at San Antonio and Michael Testani from Binghamton University.

IISE "Career Path" Series - Part 3: Paul Odomirok and Karina Suarez

Our "Career Path" series comes to its conclusion in this episode of "Problem Solved." James Swisher, IISE's director of continuing education, sits down with IISE Training Center instructor Paul Odomirok and one of his Lean Green Belt students, Karina Suarez from FedEx. The trio discuss the pluses and minuses of learning during the pandemic including the value of livestream courses, keeping in touch with family, friend and colleagues, and the educational goal of human development.

Ergonomics from A(llread) to Z(avitz)

Ergonomists have faced numerous challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep employees safe both on site and in their home offices. Applied Ergonomics Society President Ben Zavitz and President-elect Gary Allread discuss these adjustments, the future of the workplace and the upcoming Applied Ergonomics Conference.

The Power of Agile

IISE's digital strategist David Brandt talks about agile methodology for ISEs with Caitlin Kenney, P.E., systems engineer and agile coach at International Systems Management Corp, and Joan Tafoya, director at Sandia National Labs. This episode includes insight on agile principles and practices – how to lead an agile project, the challenges of adapting to agile in a virtual workspace and how to sprint plan, among other agile concepts useful in engineering management.

IISE "Career Path" Series - Part 2: Adrienne Dickerson and Elizabeth Ehlman

This episode of "Problem Solved" is the second part of the "IISE Career Path" series of shows about continuous improvement in education, work and life. IISE's James Swisher talks with IISE Training Center with Adrienne Dickerson and virtual training student Elizabeth Ehlman, an industrial engineer with The Kroger Co. The trio discusses the importance of training and development in one's career journey, the future of healthcare and IEs, and balancing work and home in these challenging times.

IISE "Career Path" Series - Part 1: Larry Aft and Beth Cudney

This episode of "Problem Solved" launches the "IISE Career Path" series of shows about continuous improvement in education, work and life. IISE's James Swisher talks with two instructors from the IISE Training Center - Beth Cudney, an IISE Fellow from Maryville University, and Larry Aft, the recently retired Director of Continuing Education for IISE - about career moves, family legacies in ISE and Aft's long career of contribution to the profession and the training of ISE professionals.

The Masked Engineers

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harriss & Covington Hosiery Mills in High Point, North Carolina, partnered with occupational health service EHOP Health to create the brand of Easy Masks. The new company has now sold more than 250,000 masks. NC State ISE students Katie Lawson and Eric Swanson joined Easy Masks as intern consultants to work on safe packaging as well as maximizing quality and quantity. The duo talk about their experience with IISE's Frank Reddy in this first episode of 2021 for "Problem Solved."

2020: ISEs Review a Year of Resilience and Rebirth

In this episode of "Problem Solved," we talk to three previous guests of the podcast – Bobbie Watts, Gretchen Macht and Ali Hobbs – about the "good, bad and ugly" lessons of 2020. The three professionals discuss the struggles and successes discovered in their careers and industries over the past year as well as their optimism for the heightened role and need for industrial and systems engineers in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The State of the Society for Health Systems

This episode of "Problem Solved" focuses on the state of the Society for Health Systems, also known as SHS, one of the most active wings of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. President Mary Ellen Skeens and President-elect Lauren Todd discuss the mission and strategic goals for SHS as well as the overall value of SHS membership. And as a bonus, 2021 conference chair Ben Schleich and Ali Hobbs share information about virtual changes ahead for the next Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference, taking place Feb. 24-26, 2021. You can learn more about the conference at: iise.org/hspi

NASA industrial engineer sets sights on Mars

In this episode of "Problem Solved," Angie Jackman, an industrial engineer with NASA and project manager for the Mars Ascent Vehicle mission at the Marshall Space Flight Center, discusses her career and the role of industrial and systems engineers at the space agency with IISE member and Purdue University professor Barrett Caldwell.

Easing Election Day delays through industrial and systems engineering

In this episode of "Problem Solved," we highlight research by IISE members and academic leaders Laura Albert* of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Gretchen Macht at the University of Rhode Island on efforts to streamline procedures for in-person voting on Election Day. *Albert will be named a new IISE Fellow on Nov. 2 during the virtual IISE Annual Conference & Expo. More details on registration for the event can be found at: www.iise.org/annual

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