An IE's World On the Strings

When it comes to nontraditional industrial engineers, Cassandra Sotos plays all the right notes. Answering the call to music several years ago, the rock violinist and industrial engineer from Penn State talks to David Brandt about her personal development as a lifelong learner, the struggle of being pitted between a corporate career and her dreams and the satisfaction she's had since taking the leap. She also explains how the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't slowed her plans down. Listeners will also get to hear Sotos' voice and violin in her latest single, "Annie Oakley."

"Annie Oakley" – Music and Lyrics Composed by Sotos, Wills and Campbell
Full track plays at the end of this episode!

IISE members can read the July 2014 profile on Cassandra Sotos from "Industrial Engineer" magazine:
An IE's World On the Strings
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