Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade with Tina Agustiady

Sponsored by the University of Louisville: There's a little engineer inside all of us, according to Tina Agustiady. But as it turns out, her son - a first-grader - is already an engineer himself. It must run in the genes. As part of a career day event for her son's elementary school class, Agustiady gave a presentation that left the entire class wanting to become engineers, too. Inspired to become one herself because of her father's career, Agustiady, a certified Lean Six Sigma master black belt and lean consultant with MetLife, explains to IISE's David Brandt for "Problem Solved" just how much we all have learned about Lean in the earliest years of schooling, from boarding the school bus to desk organization and even just following in a line. She also explains how similar the teaching of Lean can be between young children and adults. You can download Agustiady's presentation at: https://link.iise.org/podcast_1stgradelean

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